Unofficial WPAD package for pfSense software

Here are install instructions for UNOFFICIAL wpad package for pfSense(R) software 2.3.x

It’s based on forum tutorials to configure a second nginx instance to host pac file(s) in http and leave gui on https.

Under console/ssh, fetch the install script, check what it does if you want and then execute it.

You can enable Unoffical repo creating or downloading the file below:

2.3 AMD64

fetch -q -o /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/Unofficial.conf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/marcelloc/Unofficial-pfSense-packages/master/Unofficial.conf

2.3 I386

fetch -q -o /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/Unofficial.conf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/marcelloc/Unofficial-pfSense-packages/master/Unofficiali386.conf


fetch -q -o /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/Unofficial.conf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/marcelloc/Unofficial-pfSense-packages/master/Unofficial.24.conf

After fetching the repo file, you can see these packages under System -> Package Manager

Without enabling Unofficial repo, you can add it using console/ssh with

cd /root
fetch https://raw.githubusercontent.com/marcelloc/Unofficial-pfSense-packages/master/pkg-wpad/files/install_wpad_23.sh
sh ./install_wpad_23.sh

Manual Remove/uninstall

pkg delete pfSense-pkg-Wpad

Once it finishes, all must be in place. If you do not see the menu after it finishes, try to install any pfSense package from GUI, like cron for example.


Use it at your own risk.

This script does not install packages from freebsd.


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